‘Arrow’ Review – S4 Ep.6 (Lost Souls)

By Josh Melo

‘Arrow’ Review – S4 Ep.6 (Lost Souls)

Lost Souls brings the Felicity/Curtis storyline to the forefront while confronting a number of relationship issues lingering around the series (namely, why Felicity was such a baby last season). And who doesn’t like a good dose of Damien Dahrk?

Now that Sara is nice and resurrected it’s time to focus our attention on bringing Ray back from the grave (or more appropriately back from wherever the heck he’s been running around the last little while. My singular complaint about Felicity’s storyline this season has been that it seemed disconnected from the larger goings on in the season. Last week I even pegged it as a simple set-up narrative to having Ray join the Legends of Tomorrow cast. Thankfully I was very wrong. In a surprise turn of events Ray was miniaturized in the blast (knew that) and was being held prisoner by none other than Damien Dahrk. What seemed like a completely independent plot ended up being integral to the overall narrative, well done Arrow writers.

The rescue attempt itself featured a couple of cool moments that deserve some mention. Like the Spiderman-esque hanging around Oliver pulled to get everybody inside the compound, the hilarious base jump by Curtis and Felicity (nice to see her out in the field for once) and Diggle’s new operative name, Spartan (Chatty Cathy was also hilarious).

The fight between Oliver and Dahrk was, to my dismay, a tad underwhelming. After seeing Zoom lay such a thorough beat down on The Flash Damien Dahrk has a ways to go in terms of matching the pure brutality and menace showcased by Barry’s dissolute doppelgänger. We catch glimpses of his abilities again and he is clearly more than enough to take out Oliver but I need (well, want) more.

During the rescue mission and the previous heist Sara decides to get in on the action. Alarm bells immediately went off when I saw her in the suit and I am glad that the rest of the team realized that having her around might not be the best of ideas. But leave it to Laurel to shrug off sound advice. Sara than goes on to beat a man within an inch of his life and snaps another’s neck. It makes sense for her bloodlust to show itself more prominently when compared to Thea, since she was dead and all. I just don’t like how they decided to have her exit the show immediately after. You just spent the last few episodes committed to resurrecting Sara and you ditch her less than a complete episode later? Her revival was barely even mentioned by the rest of the cast outside of short scene with Laurel and her father. Why go through all of the trouble and spend so much time bringing a character back if you had no intention of keeping her around (the answer is Legends of Tomorrow)? I’m glad we’ve moved past her storyline but this was one aspect of the episode I found very poorly done.

When not neck deep in the Darhk debacle Lost Souls gave a fair bit of insight into the relationship status of Oliver and Felicity. Ever since she learned of Ray’s predicament she has spent every waking moment dedicated to finding him (which involved vast amounts of junk food and energy drinks). When Oliver offers his help he is not so subtly told that he has nothing to contribute. This snowballs into a Felicity monologue outlining how her feelings for Ollie got the better of her and she lost her way (in a roundabout way explaining why she was so annoying last year). The exchange was kind of abrupt but made absolute perfect sense. I actually felt sorry for Oliver at a certain point as she was laying into him pretty harshly and he just sat back and took it. There was even a point in which I thought Olicity was coming to an end (over cordon bleu no less!). Thankfully peace was made by episodes end and the pair remains together.

The emphasis on the romance would typically be a turn off for me but it brought up a number of points that I think needed addressing as well as solidified Oliver and Felicity’s independence while keeping them a strong couple. It also led to an awesome “broment” between Diggle and Oliver. It’s been so long since we’ve witnessed the two of them relaxed like that, good times.

The last thing worth mentioning this week is the long awaited return of Felicity Smoak’s mother (I hope you can sense the sarcasm). Oliver employing the aid of his momentarily irrational girlfriend wasn’t the brightest of ideas but it did provide Felicity an opportunity for more of her classic humor. She didn’t take up too much screen time but she did cap the episode with a bit of a tease as to a romance between herself and Captain Lance. I’m not particularly thrilled at the prospect but I’m sure it will be at least slightly hilarious (if only because of how awkward it can make things between Laurel and Felicity).

As for the flashbacks, the mystical underground network was shown again from last week but the purpose of the Lian Yu storyline still evades me. Oliver even mentions the fact that he has no idea what’s going on either. Hopefully they pick up the pace. I do really like the Conklin character though. I have a strange feeling we will be seeing him in the current timeline sometime soon.

Lost Souls wasn’t action packed or even wow worthy in terms of story development. It did however do a great job in endearing me with Felicity and Oliver as well as bringing the Damien Dahrk storyline to the forefront of the season.

Lost Souls gets an 8/10.