‘Agents of SHIELD’ Review – S3 Ep.6 (Among Us Hide)

By Josh Melo

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Review – S3 Ep.6 (Among Us Hide) (Spoilers)

Considering last week’s episode was almost entirely a flashback and featured only two characters,Among Us Hide was quite jarring in comparison. Many storylines were juggled to varying degrees but some major developments managed to save the whole thing from imploding.

He biggest thing that will have people talking this week is the revelation that Andrew is actually Lash (which I called). It makes perfect sense given the mysterious break between himself and May as well as his adamant refusal to let anyone join Skye’s secret warriors (I’m going to keep calling them that until the show decides to do it themselves!). The transformation itself was pretty impressive and had me appreciating the look of Lash more so than I have previously. It was a smart decision to have this storyline pick up so quickly considering most fans had guessed at Andrew’s true nature and the fact that leaving this mystery to sit for too long would have eventually whittled down potentials diminishing the surprise. All in all it was handled quite well, if only they had attributed more time to that particular plot.

Having the Strucker kid go out the way he did wasn’t completely surprising, though I was holding out hope that he would have stuck around to do something of import (though revealing Lash’s identity to May may count…). However, the return of Powers Boothe as, presumably, his character from the first Avengersfilm was a very pleasant surprise. Learning that the Security Council was HYDRA outside of Alexander Pierce is an intriguing revelation that begs the question, how many more HYDRA agents are still out there? Having Boothe align himself with Ward’s fledgling HYDRA is also a scary thought that, I hope, has direct influence over the organizations turn in Captain America: Civil War.

May and Bobbi’s misadventures to locate the young Strucker featured some intense and fun action but ultimately muddled the myriad storylines at play this week. Sure we needed to see May seek vengeance for the almost death of her former lover but the way her narrative was handled this week was lacking. Barging in and attacking Bobbi was random and her reasoning behind it just as so. Telling Bobbi to simply ignore the advice from medical professionals about going into the field was reckless and felt a bit off to me. Plus, I wasn’t buying into Bobbi’s sudden reluctance to fight again.

She was itching to get back into the field for weeks and now that she has her chance she hesitates? I’m not buying it. Though I do like the fact that they got her over that hesitation quickly (Mockingbird is meant to be kickass, don’t turn her into a pigeon… no one likes pigeons).

With only a nod or two to the portal revival plot thread, Fitz and Simmons were largely cast to the background this week. Fitz found himself busy helping May and Bobbi while Simmons spent her time aiding Daisy and Mac chase down false Inhuman leads (Lash was never going to be Banks). While fun to see Daisy and Mac sneak their way around Banks only to have Hunter ruin the plan, it ended up feeling unnecessary. Throughout the 6 episodes we have seen so far this season a divide has been widening between Coulson and Daisy. While most of their disputes make logical sense I am having a difficult time buying into Daisy’s distrust of Coulson’s actions. She knows Coulson by now and should realize that he would never condone such vile tactics employed by the ATCU, which he doesn’t.

Daisy knew he was going to be at the facility so why was she so shocked to see him there? Hopefully the tension between the two of them gets resolved, I thought their relationship was much more fun when they partook in witty banter, not legitimate squabbles.

Coulson and Rosalind’s relationship on the other hand continues to impress. The two have shown great chemistry since their first scene together and haven’t faltered since. While nothing has happened between the two as of yet I do like the fact that they are beginning to acknowledge their feelings toward each other. I found it odd it happened right after Rosalind opened up about her dead husband but hey, no time like the present right?

With Ward and HYDRA amassing power so rapidly, Lash’s identity revealed and hiding amongst SHIELD and FitzSimmons working away on a replica portal, there is a lot to manage on this show.Among Us Hide wasn’t the best example of the juggling act but it was far from the worst.

Overall Among Us Hide gets a 7.5/10.