Creator Rob Liefeld Wants Jon Hamm To Portray Cable In 'X-Men' Cinematic Universe

By Matt O'Bryant 

With Three new X-Men comic book movies right around the corner, X-Men talk is starting to heat up. With Deadpool being the first of the bunch, a lot of hardcore X-Men fans are wondering why one of the most beloved and most badass X-Men characters ever, Cable has never been seen on the big screen. In my opinion his appearance is long over due and it really is a shame we haven't seen one of the coolest comic book characters ever on the big-screen especially a character like Cable with so many different unique story-lines that could be covered.

Well now it appears that the Cable character creator himself Rob Liefeld is getting in on the action, and has announced that he too wants to see Cable in the X-Men extended universe. Earlier today Liefeld not only tweeted out to the world that he wants Mad Men star Jon Hamm to portray Cable, he also used his artistic abilities to shows us what Hamm would look like as a live action Cable.

Check out the amazing portrait below:


 Deadpool hits theaters on February 12th.