Fantasy Drafting: Matthew McConaughey In The DC Cinematic Universe!?!

Fantasy Drafting 
Matthew McConaughey in the DCCU!?!
By Jake Buchanan

When actor Matthew McConaughey revealed in an interview that he has been in talks with both Marvel and DC the internet exploded with fans of both franchises arguing and speculating which side and role McConaughey will take, BUT even though there has been rumors about McConaughey leaning towards Marvel there’s always a chance that he decides not to join them or join the DCCU.

With Matthew McConaughey not choosing between Marvel and DC yet I would like to see McConaughey play these Top 5 characters that I’ve put together if he does decide to go with DC/Warner Brothers.  

John Constantine who’s known for being a magician detective that’s actually a con man battles the dark forces of evil to protect mankind, but Constantine’s more of a “Anti-Hero” than your typical hero.  The 2005 movie that came out with Keanu Reeves as Constantine which a lot of people didn’t like, and the recent cancellation of the television show on Fox which a lot of people did enjoy but didn’t get enough viewers to save it a reboot film could definitely give this character his due which is why I think Matthew McConaughey can resurrect this character one more time. Now the television show has been picked up by a different network and renamed Hellblazer which on the comics John Constantine is also know by, and since the television show is getting a second chance I think the movie deserves one too in addition of the fact that McConaughey looks very similar to the New 52 Constantine.    

Lobo is an alien bounty hunter who’s almost as strong as Superman, but definitely on the same level as the man of steel. Lobo is an “Anti-Hero” character who mainly will do just whatever he wants when he wants, and more importantly if he gets paid to do it. Matthew McConaughey should play Lobo due to this character possessing characteristics of dark comedy and extreme violence that audiences haven’t seen the actor done before, and more importantly it’ll help draw viewers in that don’t know the character of Lobo.     

Shazam is the alter ego of Billy Batson who transforms into the hero once he says the word Shazam, and if you know nothing about what Shazam is basically a “man-child” with multiple Greek god powers at his disposal. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already been cast as Black Adam the archenemy in the upcoming DC movie Shazam, but there has been no talks about who will be Shazam which is why I think Matthew McConaughey should definitely take on the mantle and become that “man-child” superhero. McConaughey is funny, entertaining, and he can deliver a child like performance without any question, but it’ll be awesome in my opinion that viewers would get to watch an epic battle scene between McConaughey and Johnson with these intense moments that’ll have a child basically fighting for his life. Not to mention Shazam was originally based off of Superman and the two are as powerful as one another, but if you take two photos of both Henry Cavill (Superman) and Matthew McConaughey they look completely similar to one another if they’re placed side by side.  

Doctor Fate is the main magic hero of the DC comics’ universe, and is technically two beings that become one when Kent Nelson places the helmet on and merges with the magical entity known as Nabu. Matthew McConaughey should play Doctor Fate not only due to the spiritual vibes he just gives off as person, but the fact that I think Doctor Fate is an easy role for McConaughey to fit into the DC Cinematic Universe. Granted the helmet will cover McConaughey’s face for a majority of the movie, but it just seems like a right fit between the actor and this DC comics’ character, and this could help DC/Warner Brothers expand their world into magic on screen with this character and actor coming together.     
Green Arrow is Bruce Wayne with the exception of not being such a dark character, but his origin story is somewhat similar to Batman’s depending on which adaption DC/Warner Brothers decides to go with for the adaption onto the big screen.

Matthew McConaughey would make the perfect Oliver Queen in the DC Cinematic Universe, because he’ll match up to Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne being around the same age and more importantly bringing a lighter tone with the character being quick witted and a playboy. I think DC/Warner Brothers is very hesitant on adapting the character of Green Arrow to the big screen, because of the potential backlash from fans of the CW television show Arrow that stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Arrow that has been killing it as of it. If DC/Warner Brothers does decide to pull the trigger on Green Arrow being in their cinematic universe they should definitely get Matthew McConaughey for the role. 

Now those are my Top 5 characters who I would want to see Matthew McConaughey as in the DC Cinematic Universe, but if you have noticed that these five are either heroes or antiheroes you’re exactly right. So I’m going to do a dark horse bonus round choice for a villain role who I would want to see McConaughey play as, and that would have to be none other than Vandal Savage. 

Vandal Savage is an immortal being in the DC comics’ universe that is highly intellectual, powerful, and focused on taking over the world and shaping it in his own image. McConaughey would dominate in this DC villain role, because McConaughey can portray that old soul mentality of being immortal which what I think is a critical part of the Vandal Savage character. 

Do you agree or disagree with the Top 5 and Bonus choices for who I think Matthew McConaughey should play in the DC Cinematic Universe? That’s only if McConaughey does decide to join their team, and finds the right role for himself there.