Jared Leto Debuts "New Age" Joker For Upcoming 'Suicide Squad' film!!


By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone,

For better or for worse we now have our first official look at Jared Leto's new version of the Joker for David Ayers' upcoming Suicide Squad film.  

Suicide Squad  is set for release in August 2016, it will be the third film released to be set in the new DC cinematic universe following Man Of Steel and next year's highly anticipated Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. 


The Suicide Squad movie will be based on the popular comic of the same name which follows a group of Batman's famous bad guys around while the attempt to complete some type of impossible mission aka "suicide mission".  In return for them completing their missions their sentences in prison will be shortened or they will be set free from Arkham Asylum.

Jared Leto is not even the main attraction for this film and if many rumors are true they point to his role in the film being rather small, setting him up to battle Batman in a future 'Batman' solo film! Warner Brothers has not held back on this film and has been spending a lot of money hiring a ton of top notch actors.  The cast is actually shapping up to be one of the most Talented and Diverse cast ever in a comic book film or a Hollywood film for that matter.

Here is the list of actors and the characters they are playing in the Suicide Squad that we know so far:


If that list doesn't impress even the casual movie goer than I'm not sure what will.

Next Year is shaping up to be one hell of a year for DC fans and movie gors alike with a double whammy of Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad!

Leave your thoughts below on Leto's new version of the Joker and the incredible cast!

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Source: David Ayer, Warner Brothers