New Spider-Man? Sony & Marvel Are Down To This Short List Of Rising Stars!

By Matt O'Bryant

Welcome back guys and gals,

According to our good friend Jeff Sneider over at The Wrap Sony and Marvel Studios have gotten really close to signing their next big screen Spider-Man.

As you can see in the pictures above these actors are young rising stars, this new iteration of Spider-Man that Marvel Studios wants is said to be the youngest we have ever seen on the big screen.  Not only will the character of Peter Parker be in high school, but the actor that is going to be cast to play him will be a teenager in real life instead of like in the past when Peter Parker aka Spider-man was played by late 20 year olds like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

A landmark deal was made a few months ago with Sony Pictures and Marvel studios that would allow this new Spider-Man to become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  So this Spider-man will be able to team up with the Avengers down the road, his first appearance within the MCU will most likely be in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War due out in 2016.

Following that there will most likely be a new solo Spidey film and from there the character will probably have a larger role as part of the Avengers team in the Infinity Wars Part 1 and 2.  Another part of the deal made includes both studios being able to share each others ancillary characters so expect some of the characters from the MCU to show up in upcoming Spider-man solo films.

According to The Wrap:

Sony is preparing to make test offers to several young stars next week, with a decision expected in the next 2-3 weeks, though a deal may take longer to hammer out. To be clear, none of the five actors above have test offers, but multiple individuals with knowledge of the situation have confirmed they are strong contenders who are definitely in the mix as of right now, and the group paints a picture of the kind of actor the studios want.
— Jeff Sneider (The Wrap)

Here are the actors from above in contention for the role of the new Spider-Man:

  1. Asa Butterfield best known for his leading roles in Martin Scorsese's Hugo and the science fiction adventure Ender's Game.
  2. Nat Wolff best known for his roles in The Fault in our stars and will next appear in the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand.
  3. Tom Holland who hasn't been in much but is heard on the phone in last year's Locke starring Tom Hardy and will appear in Ron Howard's big-budget Moby Dick Adaptation In the Heart of the Sea.
  4. Timothee Chalamet last appeared In Chris Nolan's Interstellar last year and had a recurring role on Showtime's Homeland series.
  5. Liam James last seen in the awesome coming of age comedy The Way Way Back, and has appeared in a couple television series The Killing and Psych.

My Pick:    Timothee Chalamet or Liam James

The Role will almost certainly have to be filled by the end of June, because of the production schedule of Captain America: Civil War.  If the Spider-Man character is indeed going to appear the film the studio will have to have the contract worked out and ready for him to be on set by the end June.

That's all the news on the new Spider-Man for now we will continue to keep your updated!

Leave your comments on who you think the next Spiderman will be in the comments below!

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Source: TheWrap