Building the Marvel Netflix Universe "It All Starts In Hell's Kitchen"

It all starts in Hell’s Kitchen
“Building the Marvel Netflix Universe”

By Jake Buchanan


Starting April 10th Netflix will debut their new partnership with Marvel with the release of Daredevil, which will lead into three other character series starring Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. Once all four character series debut on Netflix this will all lead up to The Defenders series as all four heroes team together to battle a common evil in New York. There has been no news on what will bring these four characters together yet but the biggest possibility as of right now is The Kingpin being the overall villain for The Defenders, but this could definitely change at any time.  

Now this Netflix universe will indeed be in connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe which indicates that we’ll definitely see some crossovers in the future, but the Avenger most likely to make a cameo in attempts to recruit these new heroes could possibly be Clint Barton aka Hawkeye.

The character of Hawkeye in recent years has had solo stories based in New York in which he looks over places like Hell’s Kitchen and Brooklyn, but if his recent solo adventures in comics isn’t enough proof look at what we’ve seen from the Age of Ultron trailers where Hawkeye is shown trying to recruit someone and telling them what it means to be an Avenger. Basically think of Hawkeye as the Nick Fury for Netflix just as Nick Fury is for Agents of Shield on ABC, but with more of a different leadership tone.

With Marvel being notorious at setting up phases for their cinematic universe this leads us to believe if “phase one” of The Defenders is a hit (which it probably will be due to the loyal fan base)will this introduce a “phase two” and possibly “phase three” series on Netflix?

If Netflix and Marvel do decide to green light these two phases we believe that Frank Castle aka The Punisher and Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider will be the lead characters for these new phases due to how well known the duo are, and seeing as how Marvel Studios recently gained the rights back for these characters they’ll need a place to reintroduce them into their world.  

If The Punisher and Ghost Rider are cast for phases two and three this would be interesting to see if Netflix and Marvel stayed with the ten episodes for the lead character, ten episodes for three other characters, and ending in a massive ten part series or changing the dynamic entirely going in a new direction of the Marvel Netflix Universe.

With the reintroduction of these two iconic Marvel heroes should the three characters in both of their series resemble them in some sort of fashion, because if you look at the current The Defenders” lineup for phase one all of the hero characters somewhat share the exact fighting style.

We’re not saying that each new character in these phases needs to match up with the lead characters fighting style, but shouldn’t these unknowns fit into that genre of what the lead character brings to the table without it feeling out of place?   

With the possibility of a crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe which hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Marvel, but also the biggest piece of evidence would be in a recent Daredevil promotional trailer which showcased the Avengers Tower for a quick moment.

Even though phase one of Marvel’s Netflix Universe hasn’t even aired yet the possibilities for the announcements of green lighting both phases two and three wouldn’t come out until the overall success and feedback of “phase one”, but if phases two and three are announced our idea for a possible “phase four” would be Blade and the Howling Commando’s but that’s only if Marvel gets the rights back by the time they reach this phase.

Other than that I would like to say thank you for taking time out of your day to give this a read, and let us know what you think about the current building of the Marvel Netflix Universe and what are you most excited to see come from it!

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