Has Marvel Found Their New Spider-Man!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello again everyone,

Yesterday news came from our good friends over at Badass Digest that Marvel might be auditioning some fairly young actors to play Spider-Man.  Marvel Studios recently acquired the rights to use Spider-Man in the MCU in the huge deal that was made with Sony Pictures a couple of months back.

If source are to be believed than the new Spider-Man will be played by none other than the young up and coming actor Mateus Ward who has mostly appeared on television in small roles on Weeds and Hostages.

According to Badass Digest:

I had heard from solid sources that Marvel was looking at some 16 and 17 year old actors; now a new (untested) source has chimed in to say that Mateus Ward, a child actor from Showtime’s Weeds, auditioned for the role. It was so super secret they held the audition at a house, not any sort of office, but word leaks out, as it always will. Does this mean Ward will get the role? I don’t know, and I’m not really familiar with the kid’s work, but if true it does show that Marvel is indeed casting young. They don’t want a Peter Parker (and look at Ward -he would be Peter Parker, not Miles Morales) turning 35 as they begin production on his third film. Like I said, this is a new source, but the information backs up other stuff I’ve been told by other sources I know well.
— Devin Faraci

Supposedly the first time we will be seeing this new incarnation of Spidey within the MCU will be in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film which sees the Avengers break up in to two different sides with different heroes fighting on different sides of the war.  If the film is going to be anything like the source material then they will have Spider-Man in the middle torn between who's side to choose Captain America's or Iron Man's. 

This being the case Civil War begins shooting in Atlanta in 2 weeks, so even if Spider-Man's role in the film is going to be small, they definitely are still going to want to see him in upcoming stand-alone films and Avengers films.  So they need to go a head and get the casting done so they can get the contract worked out, which will probably be at the very least a six-picture deal.

This will be the first time we will see Spider-Man/Peter Parker played on the big screen by an actual teenager, which will be very unique to see how he plays off of the  "grown-up" superheroes that fill up the MCU roster as of now.

So will this rumor be true?  Is Marvel really going this young?  Will Spider-Man show up in Civil War or even sooner in a Post Credit scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron?

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Source:  Badass Digest