First Look At Ryan Reynolds With Mask And Classic Characters Coming To 'Deadpool'

By Matt O'Bryant

Welcome Back Everyone,

The past couple of days there have been some interesting tidbits come out about 2016's Deadpool movie.  First Reynolds tweeted out our first look at himself as the title character with his Deadpool Mask not too far away.  Looks like he is gonna be sporting that Hannibal King look from Blade Trinity.

Check it out below:

Awesome right?

Next we have some casting news happening with Haywire star and MMA legend Gina Carano coming on board the project as Angel Dust.

Finally we have longtime fan favorite Colossus from the X-men films joining the crew, no word as of yet if actor Daniel Cudmore will be reprising the role.  We figure most likely since he isn't really doing much else and fans have always said it was perfect casting and he never got a fair amount of screen time in the three X-men films he appeared in.

Deadpool is set for release on February 12, 2016

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Source:  CinemaBlend