Fantasy Drafting: Marvel's Miles Morales/Spider-Man

By Jake Buchanan

Hello and welcome everyone,

Fantasy Drafting: Marvel’s Miles Morales/Spider-Man!!!

Marvel Studio’s is known for pulling fast ones when it comes to announcing characters for upcoming movies, and that also can be said about their casting choices. Now there has been multiple rumors crawling across the web in regards of Marvel Studios bring back Peter Parker as Spider-Man or will they go down a different untold path that being Miles Morales as Spider-Man. There hasn’t been any concrete evidence released on which path Marvel will take but rumors are that they want to take Spider-Man back to High School, but haven’t specifically stated on which character would be going back to school. If anything’s for sure Marvel won’t retell the origins of Peter Parker, because the audience has basically been given multiple different accounts of how the Peter Parker Spider-Man came to be which revolved around his High School. Yet it hasn’t been told from the point of view of Miles Morales as Spider-Man! With that being said it’s time for us at East Coast Movie Guys to do what we do best and that’s to fantasy draft actors who should portray Miles Morales/Spider-Man in the MCU!  

Round One draftsDonald Glover! Glover is the one man every Marvel fanatic is rooting for to be casted as Miles Morales if Marvel Studios does decide to go this route. Glover does have a major following with his comedic background and is evolving as an actor with his recent film “The Lazarus Effect”. Glover does have ties to the character of Spider-Man, because Glover once wanted to audition for the rebooted “Amazing Spider-Man” franchise headed by Mark Webb. Donald Glover does have the charisma and ambition to portray a new version of the legendary wall crawler, but the question that remains is will Glover accept this major responsibility?   

Round Two draftsTyler James Williams! Best known for “Everybody Hates Chris” and now who can be seen on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Williams is best known for his comedic tendencies due to being on “Everybody Hates Chris”, but has begun to breakout as somewhat of a physical actor as seen on “The Walking Dead”. Williams defiantly does have something about him that makes him stand out from the rest, but the question is could he lead a franchise?  

Round Three draftsJohn Boyega! Yes; Boyega will be coming out with “Star Wars Episode VII” and rumor has it he’ll be the main character for the rest of the saga, but what if he was also Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!?! Prime example Harrison Ford had both Han Solo and Indiana Jones to his name, and now why can’t John Boyega not have both characters to his name? One character being Fin in “Star Wars” and the other being Miles Morales aka Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Boyega is definitely the “dark horse” pick here but honestly the possibility of it actually happening is very possible, and not to mention how great of a casting choice this would be on Marvel’s part.

Also one more Spider-Man fantasy draft will be coming out soon as we look at who should portray the “Adult” Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Other than that I would like to say thanks for taking time out of your day to give this a read, and what do you think about the potential names for Miles Morales/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.