Speculation: Fantasy Drafting for Marvel's Doctor Strange cast!!

By Jake Buchanan

Hello Everyone,

Fantasy Drafting for Marvel’s Doctor Strange!!!
With Marvel finally releasing the news of casting Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange this leaves questions to who else could potentially be in this film.  There's three characters that have yet to be confirmed for the film, but most likely will eventually be confirmed those being The Ancient One (Mentor), Wong (Sidekick), and Mordo (Rival).  Now these castings for each character is pure speculation and of my own choice, and there is no evidence to back these up other then why I believe these three should be cast. 

If you’ve ever seen Big Trouble in Little China than you know Victor Wong kills it as Egg Shen a powerful sorcerer which is who the Ancient One is, and also Wong can bring that sense of humor to the film given how serious Steven Strange can be.  Now I’ve heard so many rumors and speculations of who might play this character, and when I heard Wong’s name thrown out into the candidates by the Marvel Movie News Podcast (which you definitely subscribe to, and if you want to learn more about the MCU) I thought to myself that Wong defiantly fits the criteria of who the Ancient One is suppose to be. 

Since Strange it seems is going to look somewhat younger in this upcoming film, I figured Wong should also either be around the same age or younger, and first, the person to come to mind was Osric Chau to play Wong.  If you’ve seen Supernatural then you’ll know Chau is seriously a good actor going into such dark places with his character on the show which would be necessary in the world that Strange lives in.  In my opinion Osric Chau has so much untapped potential as an actor which Marvel should definitely capitalize on in this movie.

Baron Mordo is the counter to Doctor Strange; filled with anger and jealousy about the Ancient One choosing Steven Strange over him to be Sorcerer Supreme!  This eventually drove the character to the dark side where he constantly battles Strange.  When it comes to sinister and manipulative characters no one pulls it off better than Mads Mikkelsen, because not only is as notorious as he his for playing villains but also brings such life to each of those characters that he’s portraying with such effect.  Look at Hannibal for instance how Mads’ has brought such a unique dark twist to the character that it makes Hannibal somewhat supernatural in a sense that will also fit perfectly in this new journey in the MCU. 

My Top 3!!!
The Ancient One: Victor Wong (Big Trouble in Little China, 3 Ninjas, Tremors)
Wong: Osric Chau (Best known for Kevin Tran on Supernatural)
Baron Karl Mordo:  Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, Casino Royal, King Arthur) 

I would like to say thanks for taking time out of your day to give this speculation a read, and let us know what you think about the potential names for character casting in Doctor Strange, and If not these three actors then who? please leave your answers in the comment sections name your Top Three prospects!  Remember to always Like and Share Us!

Picture above from screenrant.com