Breaking: First Look and Details on 'Fantastic Four'

By Matt O'Bryant

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Ok everybody calm down a bit, I know it doesn't seem to be real at all but it is we finally have some definitive statements and a first look at something from the film released by Fox Studios.  

The pic does not show us much but what it does show is our first look at Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in what looks like his fantastic four suit he will be wearing in the film.  The color of the suit in the set pic below is black, but that may be just while filming, it might be modified a good bit in post production.  A lot of fans will be a little upset if the suits the Fantastic Four are wearing in the film are not some shade of the classic blue.  But I for one hope it is all black like in the pic we see.  I have a feeling this film is going to an wholly original superhero film unlike anything we have seen before.  Just look at the director's earlier work with the film Chronicle, look how great that film was on that small of a budget, I can only imagine what he has been able to do with these classic characters and story from one of the original comic book super hero teams.

The folks over at Collider got an exclusive interview with director Josh Trank and producer/screenwriter Simon Kinberg in which they talked about a lot of details involving the production and process in which they made this film, they also stated that they had planned not to release anything until now on purpose.  Unlike most speculation that had been floating around the web saying the film was going to be terrible that Trank had lost his mind on set, production was a mess, etc.  Here is the truth:

These are Highlights from the Interview Brought to You by Collider

  • Trank says they “consciously decided to not release anything official” until now.
  • In terms of plot and story, Trank was guarded but did say, “This is a modern telling of how these four iconic characters came together and came to be.”
  • Trank revealed that renowned composer Philip Glass is scoring the movie with Marco Beltrami.
  • The film recently did a few days of additional photography and it was to film some bits and pieces.  Nothing major.  They weren’t filming some huge new ending.
  • The original shoot was seventy-two days and they were on-schedule and on-budget.
  • The film is heavily influenced by David Cronenberg and Trank mentioned that Scanners and the Fly were big influences on the look of the film.
  • The film is an origin story and there are influences of what Kirby and Stan were doing in the 60’s all the way up into the present day.
  • The Ultimates was also an influence and a lot of the science specifics are there.  They told me a lot of the means of transformation they took from the books.
  • Trank’s first cut of the film was around 2 hours and 10 minutes.  He said the final film will probably be between 2 hours and 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Kinberg says there is an Easter egg in the teaser trailer.
  • They are very influenced by what Marvel has been doing regarding combined universes.  Saying that, they admit it’s tricky to combine X-Men and FF because the X-Men films so far don’t acknowledge the Fantastic Four and the Fantastic Four takes place essentially in the same time period as the modern day X-Men movies.
  • Kinberg does confirm that there is a different approach to the Marvel movies at Fox than when they started making Marvel films at the studio. “There is an intent and want to be a part of a larger fabric and tapestry the way Marvel has done so brilliantly."

You can read the Whole Interview here at:  Collider

Here is one of my favorite parts of the interview when Trank is explaining the delayed releasing of any material for this film Check it out below read the full thing at Collider:

This isn’t like The Avengers. Even when the first Avengers came out, there were four other movies that people were familiar with. The suits and the tone and the look and the feel. So they could release those things or drop them on Twitter. With Simon on the X-Men movies, there were other movies that came before the last X-Men movie so Bryan [Singer] could feel more confident in tweeting teases of what’s to come. But this movie, we really want the audience to have the proper reaction to this material seeing it for the first time. You’ve really got to put your best foot forward. You can’t just leak an image to strike up a conversation. You want people to see something that has thought behind it. And the teaser should do just that. With conversations online, you can’t really control it. In this day and age people have come to expect that artists are going to give everybody information on Twitter about what they’re doing, but not every artist is like that. I’m not really like that. If I was painting a picture I wouldn’t want to take a picture of a single paint stroke. I’d rather show people what it looks like when it’s done.
— Collider

The first trailer is supposedly going to be attached with Kingsman: The Secret Service on February 13, 2015, but I believe we are going to be getting at least a teaser trailer for Fantastic Four sometime this week, lets just say I have a feeling, just a feeling.

Fantastic Four is set for release on August 7th, 2015.

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Source:  Collider