News: 'Age of Ultron' Andy Serkis Character Finally Revealed?

By Matt O'Bryant

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We have some nice news for all you Marvel fans out there who have been wondering about this for awhile.  This scoop is being reported by Schmoes Know, and they broke this story friday on their show Meet The Movie Press with host Mark Reilly and Head Schmoes who was on as a guest Kristian Harloff.

Spoiler Alert:

It's official Andy Serkis is playing Ulysses Klaw aka Klaw, who is known to be an arch nemesis of The Black Panther.  Most likely Klaw will be introduced in Age of Ultron as someone who has access to vibranium because Ultron is going to need vibranium which is the strongest metal alloy found on the planet to make his body and armor out of.  Probably all of his minions will be made out of vibranium too.  This looks like it will be a great set up for phase 3 of Marvel's cinematic Universe because the only source of vibranium on the planet is in the kingdom of Wakanda.  Wakanda is interesting because it is the homeland of The Black Panther where Black Panther is also king.  Most likely Serkis' Klaw role will be fairly important in 'Age of Ultron' but will probably be a small one while his role in The Black Panther film is probably going to be huge maybe playing the central antagonist in that upcoming film.

This is some exciting news guys and I just love what Marvel Studios is doing right now and how they are setting up this amazing world in MCU.  For a comic book movie fan I couldn't be happier right now and can't wait to see everything they have in store for us in phase 3.

Age of Ultron will be release on May 1st, 2015

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Source:  Schmoes Know, Marvel Entertainment