News: 'DEADPOOL' to start filming in Vancouver

By Matt O'Bryant


Hello and Welcome Back Everybody,

News has coming out today that the new 'Deadpool' film starring Ryan Reynolds will beginning filming this March.

The film will start filming in early spring up in Vancouver, Canada which is awesome because it is also Ryan Reynolds' hometown.  How badass would it be to film your passion project aka probably the biggest film of your career in your hometown were you first dreamed of being a movie star?

Now for Fox Studios this will not be the first time they have filmed X-Men films in Vancouver, Canada. They actually filmed the mega successful last entry 'X-men:  Days of Futures Past' as well as scenes from several of the other X-Men films.

It never feels official until a film announces when production will start and now we finally have conformation.  So now let the media frenzy begin when we start drooling over every leaked set piece that comes out way in the next few months of filming!  

'Deadpool' is set to be released on February 12, 2016 

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Source:  Cinema Blend