Trailers: Upcoming Batman vs. Robin Trailer Drops online

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back ,

Just got done checking out this new trailer for DC's new Animated Flick Batman Vs. Robin and as always this flick looks good.  If its one thing DC knows who to do it is make some good Animated Comic Book films and they seem to put out 2 or more a year and they are always quality.  And This one looks know different and I can't wait to watch it!  Check it out for yourself Below:

This film follows in the continuity their last film the released 'Justice League:  Throne of Atlantis'.  The robin in this film is the robin that we last saw in Son of Batman who is Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul's child Damian Wayne, a little asshole that I personally couldn't stand in the 'Son of Batman'.  But I loved the last two films in this series besides that one 'Throne of Atlantis' and 'War' were spectacular, no release date yet but hopefully it drops sooner than later.

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