Breaking!! Jason Momoa Signed 4 Picture deal as Aquaman!!

By Jake Buchanan

Hello Everyone,

No longer when the name Aquaman is mentioned will he be laughed at!!  Since Jason Momoa was cast earlier this year as that said Aquaman it seems he will not be a joking matter anymore because Momoa is kind of a badass, having played Conan in the Conan the Barbarian remake and more recently as Drogo in The Game of Thrones.  Now its been announced that Momoa has signed a 4 film deal with Warner Brothers and DC!  Which leads to the character possibly being in BOTH Justice League films and his very own individual stand alone film, but the question is will that 4th remaining film be another Aquaman movie OR will they have him in a cameo role for another film!?! 

Now the biggest news that involves the King of Atlantis is that Momoa would like to have the leader of the DC cinematic universe Zack Snyder to direct the very first Aquaman film. With Snyder already directing Justice League and possibly a sequel to Man of Steel to slip into the DC lineup the question is would it be a good move by them to place a different director at the helm so that way audiences will not become over loaded with Zack Snyder directed films?

Sound off in the comment section about what YOU think about Aquaman being confirmed around for a longtime, and the fact of Zack Snyder potentially directing the film! Thank you for taking time out of your day to give this a read and make sure to share it wherever you can!