Breaking!! Ryan Reynolds Officially Back As Deadpool!!

By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone,

A few months ago it was still up in the air if 20th century fox was going to go with a new actor to play the title role of Deadpool in the upcoming solo film of the same name or go with Ryan Reynolds who has already played the role before in the often hated film Wolverine Origins.  While many including myself found Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool to be the best part of the film at least for the first half, the director and/or the producers went a little crazy with the film and changed certain signature aspects to Deadpool's character by taking the character who's nick name is the merc with the mouth and literally sowing up his mouth taking away one of the character's greatest attributes, really pissing off a lot of hardcore fans.

Following a massive fan reaction to some test footage that was leaked online perhaps by the studio itself to test the waters.  The Studio its seems has finally officially Announced that Ryan Reynolds is coming back for the solo film.  Reynolds who is a hardcore fan of deadpool has spent that last few years campaigning to get this film made and it looks like he got we he wanted he tweeted out this image a few days ago!

Uh....It's Chimichanga Time- Ryan Reynolds

Production is set to begin sometime next year with a release date set for February 12, 2016, the film will be directed by first time director Tim Miller.

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