Breaking!! Avengers 2 will be Josh Whedon Last Dance with Marvel?


By Matt O'Bryant

Hello Everyone,

In the wake of Guardians of Peace, the group who has laid waste to Sony Headquarters is this endless steam of news and rumors leaking out!  This to me happens to be the biggest "real film" news to come out and it is a little surprising and i'm not sure if I can completely believe that Avengers 2 will be Whedon last film with Marvel after how good he has done with 'Avengers' and 'Avengers 2: Age of Ultron' out next year!

In the emails that have been leaked, apparently there was a conversation with Sony and the Russo brothers Joe and Anthony who directed 'Captain America 2:  The Winter Soldier' one of the best films of this year and have already been given the reigns to 'Captain America 3:  Civil War'.  The email essentially confirm that the Russo Brothers have also been called upon to help the massive 2 part 'Avengers:  Infinity War' set to be released in 2018 and 2019.  Now this may all turn out not to be completely true and anything thing can change over night in the movie industry.  I certainly like the idea of the Russo Brothers directing 'Captain America 3', but i'm not so sure about them directing all 4 of these huge movies.  I'd like to see Whedon do at least one of the 'Infinity Wars' and then maybe the Russo Brothers direct part 2 or maybe even another great director.

Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think about this news involving these great directors.  As always thank you guys for checking us out, and please remember to always Like, Share, and Comment below everyone!