Speculation/Theory: Is Jena Malone Robin or Batgirl?

By Jake Buchanan

Hello Everyone,

With numerous speculations and rumors swirling around who Jenna Malone might be in 'Batman V. Superman' there is one potential character that no one has thought of yet, and that would be Barbara Gordon!  If rumors are  true in this cinematic universe it's been 17 years since Batman went into retirement, which could potentially lead to Barbara taking the role as Police Commissioner of Gotham or maybe she's a regular cop where when we start off in Batman v Superman. 

Now since no one has really noticed with all these castings being announced, they haven't asked where's Jim Gordon??? I think in those 17 years Jim Gordon has ether retired or past away leaving a huge mantel for Barbara to pick up and go forth into the future as becoming Commissioner one day.

So what do you think about Jenna Malone potentially playing Batgirl instead of Robin, and which character would you rather see portrayed in Batman V. Superman?  Also thank you for taking time out of your day to give this a read.